Apr 8, 2019

Kuo: iPad And MacBook With Mini LED BLUs Displays Coming Out Soon

In a report published today, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that Apple will launch a 31.6" standalone display, a 10-12 inch iPad and a 15-17 MacBook in 2–3Q19, 4Q20–1Q21 and 1–2Q21 with the mini LED BLU (backlight unit) screen.

Kuo explained that Wide color gamut and high contrast ratio are the next key technology innovations for Apple's wide range products; mini LEDs are a solution stands out from this. Because Apple's medium to large size products are mainly positioned as productivity tools, and compared with OLED, they are more suitable for using mini LEDs with longer life and no branding problems as WCG/High Contrast/HDR/Dynamic Backlight Partitioning (Local Dimming). technology.

Strictly speaking, the 31.6-inch display could similar mini LED architecture, whereas iPad and MacBook to use the real mini LED technology. The analyst believe that the 31.6-inch standalone display is positioned at very high end, so it is not expected that shipments will make a significant contribution to the supply chain, however, with the experience they will make, Apple could commercialize mini LED iPad and MacBook.

Lastly, Kuo expects that Epistar, Toyoda Gosei and Radiant will likely to be the biggest beneficiaries of mini LEDs for iPads and MacBooks. Epistar, Toyoda Gosei and TE Opto, a joint venture between Epistar and Toyoda Gosei are responsible for exclusive LED production, design and sales. Meanwhile, Radiant is expected to be the exclusive backlight supplier, and LGD will be the exclusive supplier of the panel, but because the mini LED panel contributes less to the overall revenue, LG Display is not the main beneficiary from this.

Image Via Display Daily

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