Kuo: New AirPods Expected In Late 2019 To Early 2020, One To Feature An "All-New Design"

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo just published his latest research report on the upcoming AirPods release, in which he believes that Apple will launch two new models in late 2019 and early 2020, with the latter to be featured with an "all-new form factor design" as well as a "higher price" than the current AirPods.

Kuo went on to say that the new AirPods models are said to have adopted a new system-in-package design that enhances assembly yield, saves internal space and reduces costs, but Kuo doesn't specify exact design changes. Kuo, though, did mention that Luxshare, Goertek, and Amkor will likely to supply the new earphones.
We expect Apple will likely launch two new AirPods models in 4Q19 at the earliest. One is the all-new form factor design at a higher price. The other's outlook and price will be the same as the current model's. A common internal design factor of these two new AirPods will be to abandon the current "SMT+RFPCB" design and change to adopt the SiP design instead for improving assembly yield rates, saving internal space and reducing cost.
While Kuo issued his forecast, Taiwanese media DigiTimes also rolled out their latest AirPods expectations, in the report, it states that Apple is set to launch third-generation AirPods with the noise-canceling functionality by the end of the year. Yet, DigiTimes warns that to adopt such technology could throw up new design and assembly challenges, and remains to see how will Apple handle this problem.

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