Apple Working To Bring Siri Shortcuts And Screen Time To macOS 10.15

macOS 10.15 and iOS 13 will be announced at the WWDC in June this year, and so far judge from the rumors we have heard, it seems that Apple's goal is to get the integration between Mac and iOS devices closer and closer. Now, According to sources familiar with the development of macOS 10.15, iOS 12 features, namely Siri Shortcuts, Screen Time, etc, will make its way to macOS 10.15, reports 9to5Mac.

Apple added the Siri shortcuts feature in iOS 12, allowing users to create custom voice commands for a range of actions. On iOS, the Siri Shortcuts app is not pre-installed on the system and users need to download and install it from the App Store. The same is true for the macOS platform, where users need to download the app from the Mac App Store.

Another feature in iOS 12, Screen Time, will also be included in macOS 10.15, permitting users to see which apps they spend the most time on. Apple will add the feature in the System Preferences. On top of that, the company will initiate a new Apple ID management panel in the macOS 10.15, distinctly possible the same as the current iOS Apple ID management interface.

So far, we have learned that the next-generation of macOS will gain the ability to turn iPad into Mac's second display, to be capable of running iPad apps on the Mac, as well as introduce standalone Music, Podcasts apps, so clearly, Apple has several things lined up for the macOS 10.15.

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