Standalone TV, Music, And Podcasts App Coming To macOS 10.15 This Fall

At the "It's Showtime" event held at the end of March this year, Apple announced that the TV app will come to the Mac platform real soon, this, of course, leads many wonders if Apple will bring other media-associated apps to the Mac and eventually split iTunes into separate applications.

Developer Steve Troughton-Smith found evidence in the macOS 10.14.5 beta that Apple is indeed developing new Music and Podcasts apps for macOS, and that the Books app will usher in a new design. Today, according to 9to5Mac's Guilherme Rambo, he confirmed that the next generation of macOS, which to be the 10.15, will include standalone Music, Podcasts and TV apps.

Rambo also offered a first look of the new icon for the Podcasts and TV app. In addition, he revealed that the new Books app design is quite similar to the macOS news app, with different tabs for the Library, Book Store, and Audiobook Store. Under the Library tab, it will display users' Books, audio books, PDFs, and other collections.

New Music, Podcasts and TV apps will be created using the Marzipan project, and Marzipan is Apple's new technology for converting iPad apps to Mac apps. Meanwhile, the upcoming macOS update will still retain the iTunes app, probably due to the fact that it's widely being used for sync between iOS devices.

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