It Will Cost You $9 Million To Live Next To Steve Jobs' House

One should know that Steve Jobs, Apple's co-founder, and former CEO, is very low-key, and does not live in a community where the door is closed, there are high walls and security all over the places. Jobs, instead, resided in an old house that's built in the 1930s for a long time, which is located in the old Palo Alto district, and that has led some wonder just how much will it cost to live next to Steve Jobs' house.

According to SFGate, an open space opposite the former residence is on sale, you can purchase it for a whopping $9 million and be able to view Jobs' house when peeking crosswise, noted that this land is in Bryant Street, while Jobs lived on Waverley Street, but there's a catch, Google's co-founder Larry Page also abides nearby, suggesting that there are numerous wealthy people living here.
The leafy neighborhood of Old Palo Alto that Steve Jobs once called home is among the most coveted places in the Silicon Valley to own property. A vacant quarter-acre lot that hit the market for $9 million is a testament to its cachet.
Steve Jobs' souvenirs have always attracted a number of people. As we all know, what Jobs signed can get thousands of dollars in the online auction market, but anyway, you can check out the listing by click here.

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