Álvaro Pabesio: iOS 13 Concept Showcases The Features Everyone’s Longing For

Photo via Álvaro Pabesio/Bēhance
An iOS 13 concept created by Spanish designer Álvaro Pabesio showcases the most popular features people have been longing for. It consists of Dark Mode, awesome iPad features, a less intrusive volume indicator and many more of Álvaro’s original ideas. Let’s break all of the features and ideas down into a few sections.

To begin with, Álvaro brings up the ideas of having macOS features in the iPads. He added the expandable folders to the dock, which is similar to the Stacks feature of macOS Mojave. There’s MacOS-like desktops and peripheral device support for iPad Pro as well. On the other hand, Álvaro said that the 2018 iPad Pro may come with USB device detection, iPhone apps in separate tabs, more file extractors, and multi-user profiles.

Not only an iPad could get more innovative features in the next iOS version, but an iPhone needs a bit more tweaking and upgrades. Álvaro showed off the coolest feature that all of the iPhone and iPad users requested for a long time. It is called Dark Mode, making the UI elements on your iPhone’s screen comfortable and easy to your eyes. Similar to the improved, Do Not Disturb feature on iOS 12, you can schedule Dark Mode to turn on every night. It can be turned on in Settings and Control Center as well.

Next, the native iOS apps get their own makeovers. You can organize your reminders more efficiently than before, add progress to incomplete tasks and share your reminders with others. Álvaro’s ideas of the Reminders app is a little similar to the Siri Shortcuts app, introduced in iOS 12.

Besides the Reminders app, the Messages app gets revamped with an option to add usernames, profiles, and a better homepage. Apple Music searching, recommendations and UI is now more streamlined and simpler. And the Mail app gets over 50 changes such as machine learning to sort out the advertisement to work emails, attachment recognition, and secure electronic signatures. All of the above are Álvaro’s ideas of making iOS software easier, minimalistic and elegant than ever.

Finally, there’s been some minor features that Álvaro put into this popular iOS 13 concepts. Find My Friends gets integrated into the Maps app, widgets get more infographic like the Infographics Face on the Series 4 Apple Watch and Safari can visually show the progress of your downloads. The volume indicator gets less intrusive with a smaller design.

To sum it up, this concept has all of the features we want to see this WWDC. Álvaro’s designs showed more beautiful ideas than other designers and it showcased more utilization that he put into this amazing work. We can’t wait for iOS 13 to unveil this June 3rd!

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