Apple celebrates Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Today, Apple is honoring Global Accessibility Awareness Day by promoting its accessibility features on their website. They said that “Technology is more powerful when it empowers everyone.”

Apple updated the homepage of their website by featuring accessibility on iOS devices, Apple Watch and Macs. This change encourages website visitors to check out their accessibility page, which showcases many features from VoiceOver to Zoom. The page is updated, but the videos still remain the same as in late 2016. There’s still the 2016 commercial of Apple users with disabilities using these features as well.

Apple has been celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day for a couple of years, from their “Designed For” videos of 3 videos consisting of CEO Tim Cook interviewing 3 accessibility activists. They also hosted events regarding about inclusion in design at their Cupertino, London, Austin and Cork headquarters. In addition, Apple does their “Today at Apple” sessions about accessibility in select Apple Retail Stores.

To conclude, Apple updated their webpage for this special day of honoring our Apple users with disabilities. They pioneered assistive technology to the iPhone, Mac, iPad and to the Apple Watch. Apple has been taking initiatives to improve accessibility of their products for many years already.

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