Apple CEO Tim Cook To Tulane University Graduates: "My Generation Has Failed You"

Apple CEO Tim Cook has delivered the commencement address for Tulane University in New Orleans and urged them to do better than their generation and boldly achieve their goals, where he discussed how brave they need to act in their future generations - "in some important ways, my generation has failed you. We have spent too much time debating, we have been too focused on the fight, and not focused enough on progress."

"You don’t need to look far to find an example of that failure", Cook continued on, as he introduced the topic of climate change: “Here today, in this very place, where thousands once found desperate shelter from a hundred-year disaster, the kind that seems to be happening more and more frequently. I don’t think we can talk about who we are as people and what we owe to one another without talking about climate change,”

"This problem doesn't get any easier based on whose side wins or loses an election. It’s about who has won life’s lottery and has the luxury of ignoring this issue and who stands to lose everything,” says the CEO of Apple. In particular, Cook talked about coastal communities forced to migrate due to climate change issues, and he urged Tulane students to be bold in all respects:
Try something. You may succeed, you may fail. Make it your life’s work to remake the world. There is nothing more beautiful than working to leave something better for humanity.”
Cook also talked about how Steve Jobs persuaded him to move from a seemingly safe position at Compaq to Apple. As part of the commemoration, Tim Cook earned an honors diploma. Last year, Tim Cook delivered a similar speech to Duke University. In 2017, he did the same for MIT and talked to graduates of George Washington University in 2015.

Image Via CNBC

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