Apple Employees Get A First Look At Their Apple Cards

Photo via Apple 
Many Apple employees received an Apple Card ahead of the release. The release is only about a month away and Ben Geskin shared pictures of the card on Twitter. Here’s what we know about this.

Ben Geskin knows someone who works at Apple, so his friend sent him leaked pictures of the Apple Card and posted them on Twitter. He also photoshopped the pictures with his name to protect the original source of the image.  The titanium Apple Card comes in a beautiful envelope with a colorful interior, holding the credit card inside it. The bottom of the envelope has instructions printed for activating the Apple Card, which it says: “Activate Card by waking your iPhone and holding here.”

The card itself is made out of titanium and has a chip and a stripe on its back. The front has an Apple logo and your name laser etched onto it. There’s no expiration date, CVV, security code and credit card number etched in spite of Apple’s privacy rights. This information goes towards your iPhone’s Wallet app instead, where you can manage your payments and transactions on your iPhone and use it with Apple Pay.

Altogether, the Apple Card release is almost here, because Apple employees got the card a month before it releases in June. The card may be launched to the public on WWDC, depending on when Apple will release it. The Apple Card is quite easy to activate and it’s safer than a traditional credit card.

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