Apple May Replace Your Apple Watch Series 2 For A New Series 3 Free Of Charge

Users with Apple Watch Series 2, if you have a problem with your watch and want to service it, you may eligible for receiving an Apple Watch Series 3 free of charge. According to Apple's internal document shared with Apple Store and Authorized Service Providers, some 38mm Aluminum Apple Watch Series 2 can be replaced with Series 3 when fixing (Via MacRumors).

What's more surprising is that if you don't accept this replacement, you can contact Apple for a refund. Similar things have happened many times before, as the shortage of parts has caused some old devices to be replaced directly to a newer generation when servicing.

However, if you have an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5C, the watch model may not work properly after being replaced, because the Apple Watch Series 3 models requires an iPhone compatible with watchOS 4 or newer systems, therefore, you will need to upgrade your iPhone.

We cannot guarantee that your local Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider will comply with this policy. Since there is no clear end date, we are not certain how long the policy will last. You shall book an appointment at a Genius Bar or Apple Support website.

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