Apple Partnered With Warren Buffett For an iPhone Game, As Tim Cook Discusses Acquisitions and Privacy

Tim Cook attended the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting in Omaha, Nebraska this weekend. At the beginning of the shareholder meeting, Cook appeared in a humorous short film in which Buffett visited Apple's top secret lab to try to conceive an app and other inventions, including the time machine that tells him to buy Apple stocks, while Cook tells him to develop a game app...

What is unexpected is that the game app is actually true and has been available on the App Store and can be downloaded for free. The name of the game is Warren Buffett's Paper Wizard, players will need to collect Warren Bucks and make their way to Apple's headquarter in Cupertino, CA. The developer of the game is Wildlife Designs, Inc, but after opening the game, you can see that the copyright belongs to Apple.

While at the meeting this weekend, Cook had an interview with CNBC's Becky Quick and shared some details about the Apple acquisitions. When it comes to acquisitions, Apple has remained silent, especially for small companies and startups. Although Cook did not directly mention the name of these acquiring companies, he said that in the past six months, Apple has acquired about 20-25 companies.

As like almost all Tim Cook interviews, the CEO addressed that they really value the privacy of users. "But we don't want to use you as our product. And we just have a fundamental issue with doing that. And we've always thought that the building of a detailed profile about your life could result in tragic things," says Cook.

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