Apple Pay: Now Accepted For iTunes And App Store Purchases; To Support NFC Tag Payments

According to a recently updated Apple Support page, you can now use Apple Pay for purchases made through iTunes, App Store, Apple Music, and more. Meantime, Apple has announced that it will add a new feature in which support for new NFC stickers or tags that will trigger Apple Pay for payment.

To make the Apple Pay as a payment method through iTunes and App Store, you will first need to add a credit card to your Apple ID account through Settings - iTunes & App Store, select your Apple ID, then tap View Apple ID - Manage Payments - Add Payment Method, after the card is being added, select on Link Card to link your card with Apple Pay.

On the other hand, with the support for NFC tags, the iPhone will know how to read a uniquely coded NFC tag and automatically display the Apple Pay purchase interface as the user approaches the device. No third-party apps or other settings are required.

The company is also planning to allow users to sign up for loyalty cards in the Wallet app in the near future, they may be presented to the user as recommendations when they make an eligible purchase.

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