Apple Ranks Sixth In Forbes' Global 2000 List, Third In Fortune 500 List of America's Largest Companies

This year has been quite turbulent for the global market: the stock market has been ups and downs, and the trade pattern has been divided, but many companies have benefited from the new corporate tax reform in the United States. Forbes has posted "World's Largest Public Companies 2019; Global 2000", a list that seeks to explore who are the world's largest companies, reflecting the current state of the global economy.

The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China has topped the list for seven consecutive years. The state-owned financial giant manages more than $4 trillion in assets and employs more than 500,000 people. JPMorgan Chase ranked second this year thanks to increased profits from tax cuts, whereas Apple claimed the top sixth spot, trails behind Bank of America. Here are the top 10 world's largest companies:

#1 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
#2 JPMorgan Chase, USA
#3 China Construction Bank
#4 Agricultural Bank of China
#5 Bank of America
#6 Apple Inc.
#7 China Ping An Insurance
#8 Bank of China
#9 Royal Dutch Shell
#10 Wells Fargo

On the other hand, Fortune has released Fortune 500 list for America's largest companies, in which we saw Apple overtook Warren Buffett's Berkshire Halfway to become the third largest companies in the United States, making it the 37th consecutive year for made onto the list. Fortune estimates that Apple bought a total of $265.5 billion revenue in fiscal 2018.

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