May 16, 2019

Apple Redesigned Investor Relations Page: Added Newsroom Converage, Stock Price Widget, And SEC Filing

Apple redesigned the Investor Relations pages today.

The center of the new design is Newsroom press release coverage; they also made viewing the earnings results of the previous quarters more intuitive and convenient. At the top of the webpage is the latest earnings results, and investors can instantly view Apple's 10-Q Form. and the press releases.

Below the Newsroom area, there is a new “Financial Data” that is categorized by year and quarter. Investors can quickly view the Quarterly Earnings Reports as well as Annual Reports on Form 10-K.

The SEC Filing has also been added to the Investor Relations pages and can be filled in with an email address for future notifications of quarterly fillings, insider transactions, and more.

Moreover, there is a new “Stock Price” tab where it show how well did AAPL perform over the past few months or years. Finally, the "Historical Stock Price Lookup" widget allows you to check the stock price of any day from as earlier as 2006 to the present time.

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