Apple Shares Developer Stories To Create Hypes For Next Week's WWDC

Apple today published an article in Newsroom sharing two unique developer stories to create hypes for next week's WWDC 2019. One story tells a young developer who just launched her first app, and another one is a senior developer who creates communications-assisted apps for people with disabilities.

Erika Hairston is a 23-year-old Yale graduate from San Francisco, and her first app Zimela just went online. This app is designed to promote the tech industry's diversity. Hairston-designed Zimela helps guide underrepresented groups into the technology arena by setting up mentoring and providing users with an understanding of career placement opportunities, such as internship opportunities. Recently, she also completed the Apple Entrepreneur Camp Apple Business Training Program, a program specifically designed for women to help them succeed in the app industry.

Niemeijer designed a virtual keyboard with a mouse-controlled solution that could be used as a KeyStrokes program. In 2001, a KeyStrokes user emailed Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, demanding to know if KeyStrokes could be integrated into macOS, so a 20-year collaboration has begun between Niemeijer and Apple.

Apple said WWDC is the drama of a dramatist, and developers share the same idea that technological innovation strength can change the world positively. Despite the different developers in the two stories, Apple went on to say they created the app and were motivated by the people they love.

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