Apple Trade In Maximum Values Are Now Lower

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Apple has lowered the maximum values for trading in iPhones via Apple Trade In. The maximum amount of trading in the program is now $349, instead of $500 for an iPhone X. Here’s what you need to know why these values have been lowered.

First, we all know that Apple will give you the highest trade-in value of $500 if you have an iPhone 6s Plus and later, in great shape and condition. This credit makes up for an Apple Store Gift Card that can be used to purchase a new iPhone.

Albeit with the old trade-in value that Apple can give you for a pristine, used iPhone, this $349 maximum trade-in value only applies to direct trade in without making purchases. So if you’re buying a new iPhone after trading in your old iPhone, you can get a higher trade-in credit.

For example, if you trade in your iPhone X and use the money to buy an iPhone XR, you’ll only pay $450 for the iPhone XR. It’s a little bit of the same as the $349 offer at $101 difference, but it saves you less than getting a new iPhone at $350. On the contrary, it’s more preferred to get the $349 deal than just trading your old iPhone in via Apple Trade-In because it’s worth the price than having to pay $450.

But as of now, the $449 iPhone XR trade-in deal has slightly inflated its price to $479. That’s fewer savings than before, due to the changes in trade-in values. On the other hand, this change is also affected when you buy an iPhone online on the Apple website and when you trade in other devices. The maximum values for trade are $367 for iPad,  $965 for computers and $173 for an Apple Watch. These values were original $405 for iPad, $1100 for computers and $191 for Apple Watch. Other phones don’t count for iPhone trade-in value changes.

Therefore, this price change may be confusing for customers looking forward to trading in their iPhones as of now, including potentially dropping the trade in values if they don’t pay attention to the values between trading in online at Apple Trade In or trading in and purchasing an iPhone afterwards.

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