Here Are All The New Features That Are Coming To iOS 13, macOS 10.13, & watchOS 6

Apple will kick off its annual worldwide developer conference next month, when the company is expected to preview the next generation operating system, including iOS 13, macOS 10.15 and watchOS 6. Today, Bloomberg published a lengthy article about the various features of these new systems, give us an idea on what's coming.

iOS 13: 

iOS 13 is code-named Yukon, which will continue to speed up the devices and reduce bugs, while will also tweak the UI, including a new multitasking animation, as the widget page will also welcome a new design. iOS 13 also has a new dark mode optimized for nighttime use, users can quickly enable it in the Control Center. Apple is also testing a new keyboard option where you can swipe the keyboard to type out words.

The Health app will also be revamped, including new homepages and better daily summaries, as well as a new section called "hearing health" that measures the loudness of music in your headphones and the external environment. The app is said to bring a more comprehensive menstrual cycle tracking method.

iOS 13 will introduce a functionality similar to third-party apps Duet Display and Luna Display allows users to use the iPad as the second display of the Mac, while you can use Apple Pencil on your iPad. Redesigned Reminder app to house four default sections: tasks to be done today, all tasks, scheduled tasks, and flagged tasks.

New Screen Time features: parents can restrict children's contacts, such as only being able to contact themselves at night. A revamped Maps app make it easy to set up locations, such as Homes or Work. Find my Friends and Find my iPhones will be merged into one app, internally called GreenTorch.

The built-in Mail app will support Mute a conversation, blocking contacts, and simpler folder management. A new Sleep mode, integrated with the Bedtime feature in the Clock app, may work with future sleep tracking devices, such as the next generation Apple Watch.

Other features that are expected coming to iOS 13 includes: a more comprehensive Accessibility menu on the main page of the Settings app, an updated Home app for better Smart Home integration, a more organized Share Sheet, a download manager for Safari, as well as improvements to the iPad in area like multitasking, home screen, etc.

macOS 10.15:

Some iPad apps will make its way to Macs, such as Podcasts app, and new Find my iPhone and Find my Friends app, as well as a new Apple Music standalone app. Other iOS features will coming to Macs including Screen Time; special effects and stickers for iMessage; Siri Shortcuts; new Reminder app.

watchOS 6:

App Store will be integrated directly into the Apple Watch, allowing users to download apps at any time and make Apple Watch more independent. Voice Memos on iPhone, iPad and Mac platforms will be available on Apple Watch. watchOS 6 to introduce a new Books app that let you listen to audio books, and will also include a new Calculator app.

Apple will add two new apps in watchOS 6: Dose and Cycles, the company is also adding more watchface "Complications" that can display more info, such as a progress bar of the audio books, showing the remaining battery capacity of the hearing aids, etc.

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