How To Check All Your Apple Devices' Warranty Status At Once

Usually, many users will choose to use Apple's official check coverage website to know whether their devices is Out of Warrantry or not by enter the serial number of the device. In fact, there is a faster and easier way to view the warranty status of all your devices at once, and it's really a time-saving feature.

First, you need to search and download an app called "Apple Support" in the App Store. Once it's installed on your devices, you will need to click on the upper right corner to enter Account Settings > select "Check Coverage", and from there, you can check the warranty status of all devices with one simple click.

Keep in mind that you may see some devices that you have not used for a long rime or that have already been sold will be in the list. To remove the device, opening Settings, then tap on your Apple ID, scroll down and find the device you want to remove > Select "Remove from account."

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