Leaked Screenshots Confirms Dark Mode And New Reminders App Coming To iOS 13

Less than a week before WWDC, where Apple is expected to introduce a new generation of systems including iOS 13, the blog 9to5mac has leaked the screenshots of iOS 13 and some iOS 13 features can be confirmed through these screenshots.

The first and probably the most anticipated feature in iOS 13 is the Dark Mode, in the screenshots. we can clearly see the Dock turns dark. Apple may choose a new wallpaper for Dark Mode. The Dark Mode of the Music app is more thorough, as it appears to have a true black background. Dark tones are especially beneficial to OLED devices because OLEDs can display black without power consumption.

The screenshots also showed off the new Reminders app, whether it's iOS 13 or macOS 10.15, a design refresh is on the table for both operating systems, with the new design includes a larger sidebar, and separate categories: Today, Scheduled, All, and Flagged categories. Moreover, it seems that the app will adopt the SF UI Rounded font, which was first used on the Wallet app in iOS 12.2.

Apple is also planning to merge the "Find my iPhone" and "Find my Friends" apps into one single app called "Find My", it will display a big map, a list of the user's friends and family in a small window in the corner, and to include another tab for the user’s own devices, like an iPad or a MacBook Pro.

As for compatibility, we can pretty much confirm through today's iPod touch refresh that iOS 13 to drop support for older devices, including iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, and iPod touch 6.

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