Tim Cook: Apple Carnegie Library Store Will Be Heavily Focused On Community And Creativity

In a new interview with the Washington Post, Apple CEO Tim Cook expressed that the retail location, Apple Carnegie Library Store in Washington, D.C. will be heavily focused on community and creativity rather than just selling Apple products. Cook explains that the new store is more of a place for the community to use in a much broader way.

The $30 million project that has been undergo construction since 2016, will restore Carnegie Library to its original design standards became the "most historic, ambitious restoration by far, in the world, as stated by Cook himself. While he also believes that doing project like this will showcase Apple services like Today at Apple. it will further connect customers with creativity, as well as education.
Our roots are in education and creativity, you think about where the company started from and Steve (Jobs) and the team at the time were very focused on providing people tools that allowed them to do incredible things. We've been serving the creative community as a company since the founding of the company, and the truth is everyone should be a part of the creative community, so this is our way to democratize it
So just how much did Apple spend on such project? The Washington Post suggested that the company spent an estimated $30 million on this, including $7 million toward facade restoration, $300,000 to restore the stairwells and $2 million in site work and landscaping. apart from this, Apple also agreed to pay $700,000 a year on a 10-year lease.

The Apple Carnegie Library store will receive a grand opening at 10:00 a.m. local time on May 11, and they have invited 40 creators for a six weeks of programs called StoryMakers Festival.

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