UK Government Website Now Accepts Apple Pay

As of now, British government services are now accepting Apple Pay for online transactions, in their websites. The website is now accepting Apple Pay transactions for 4 of their services. They’ll be expanding the Apple Pay support in the NHS (National Health Service), local government and police websites.

British television program ITV has reported that payments for the Global Entry Service, a service for UK citizens to enter the United States faster, is now accepting Android and Apple Pay. The same thing goes to the Registered Traveller Service and Electronic Visa Waiver Service for Middle Eastern travelers to easily enter the UK.

Till Wirth, lead product manager of’s online payment services, says,
 Allowing people to pay for Government services through Apple Pay and Google Pay means they won't have to enter their credit or debit card information when making payments. This innovation will increase the convenience and security of Pay for users and hopefully make their experience online a lot easier.
In conclusion, this change to the UK government’s website will make it easier and secure to make purchases on the government’s website. Apple Pay made its debut for the United Kingdom since 2015, and we’re excited to see the service expanding to the British government.

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