WWDC is 6 Days Away From Now. Here’s How to Live Stream it This June 3rd

WWDC 2019 is only a week away from now. The conference will consist of iOS 13, macOS 10.15, watchOS 6 and tvOS 13. We are excited to watch the live stream of the keynote and development sessions, but how can we see it on our devices? The answer is here below.

First of all, you have to update your iOS devices to iOS 10 or later and update the WWDC app to the latest version. This allows us to get the latest information about this summer’s WWDC alongside the new live stream videos of sessions and keynotes.

Secondly, if you have a Mac, update Safari to the latest version. This can be done in the Mac App Store, by checking the Updates section. You also need to update QuickTime if you haven’t done so. On the other way, your Mac must be running at least on macOS Sierra or later.

Lastly, if you’re using a browser other than Safari, then most recent versions of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Microsoft Edge work for live streaming WWDC on the Apple website. If all of the above requirements don’t work for you, then you have to end up watching the WWDC live stream on YouTube or Apple’s official Twitter account.

To sum it up, these are all of the information that you need in order to watch WWDC next week. It’s only about 6 days left before the event kicks off, so you better update your devices and your browsers prior to the event now!

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