Apple Passeig de Gràcia Reopens with A New Design Twist

Photo via Applesfera
The Apple Passeig de Gràcia in Spain has been recently remodelled and had its grand reopening last Thursday. The store features the Forum video wall, a Boardroom, Genius Grove and a second floor. The store has been decorated in its covers a few weeks ago, with Apple-inspired, Antoni Gaudí mosaics. Let’s explore how much the Apple Store in Spain has changed after 7 years.

Firstly, the store now consists of 240 employees of over 18 nationalities, which can speak in over 12 languages including Spanish. All of these employees serve the customers and tourists service for their Apple devices at the all new Genius Grove, Forum and many more of the store. The first floor is all Apple products that customers can explore the latest Apple devices there.

The all-new Forum in the center of the store consists of square-shaped stools behind a vast, video wall with Creatives hosting free workshops varying from photography, art, drawing, video production, Apple products and lectures. For a limited time in honour of the store’s reopening, there will be Joan Miró photography classes hosted by its director, Marko Daniel with a few days of exclusive photo walks. These sessions will focus on light, colour and vibrancy to Miró’s mosaics in Barcelona.

Not only the first floor of this renovated Apple Store has all of the cool stuff, but the second floor is donned with the Genius Grove and service areas. Besides the wooden stools you see in all of the Apple Stores, the stools are replaced with leather benches and every table does not have the cables sticking out from the underside of the table to the floor. On the other hand, this Apple Store adopts the latest design concepts from their Kyoto and Covent Garden store counterparts, which is the freestanding video display being in front of the staircase along with the freestanding “Avenue” design.

Finally, the exterior of the store is the same as before, but the Briefing Room has been remodelled to a Boardroom. This special room has a leather couch, HomePods, an Apple TV, a video wall and a big table. This room is used for business space and as a conference room.

Overall, the Apple Passeig de Gràcia in Spain comes out with the design concepts we’ve seen in today’s Apple Stores. It pushes creativity, inspiration and innovation to the largest Apple Store in Spain. Now with the Today at Apple sessions, the store is providing free Joan Miró photography walks and classes for the next few weeks after the reopening.

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