Apple Xinyi A13 Opened Saturday Morning

Photo via Apple
Yesterday, Apple Xinyi A13 had its grand opening at Taipei. This is another flagship store in the Taiwanese district of Xinyi, consisting of two floors of the latest Apple products and the modern, streamlined design passed from the newest Apple Stores to another.

Thousands of customers queued for hours, waiting for the store to open Saturday morning. 155 employees greeted the customers once the store opened, with half of the team transferred from the Taipei 101 and various Apple Stores. The store consisted of a Genius Grove where customers can get assistance with a Genius in a grove of relaxing trees.

In addition, the Forum space hosts a variety of sessions and Today at Apple classes. This consists of local Taiwanese artists and creators for the first time, alongside the Creative Pros. For the opening day, they also had a special guest named Eve Ai singing at the Forum for the first time. There’s going to be a 6-week block of “Stage for Creativity” sessions, for the first 6 weeks the store has opened.

All in all, this opening of the Xinyi A13 stores brings Apple to more customers in Taipei, alongside the Taipei 101 store that opened 2 years beforehand. Apple is bringing the revolution to retail experience in many more countries, day by day.

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