Bill Gates Says Greatest Mistake’ He’s Ever Made Was Giving Google The Opportunity To Launch Android

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft who has been the world's prosperous man for several years, who's now more energetic in philanthropy, and share his personal life experience with technology enthusiasts in its spare time. The father of Mircosoft has once again voiced his passion for Android when attending the exchange event organized by the venture capital business Village Global.

Gates said that the biggest mistake he made when managing the company was that he did not let Microsoft become the "standard non-Apple phone form platform, and allowed Android progress further, in other words, providing Google the opportunity to launch Android. He thinks that the software world is a stage for victors.

Now, there may be two meanings in this phrase. First, Microsoft was one of the greatest giants in software, but it missed mobile opportunities; second, iOS and Android dominated today, becoming the new champion. Microsoft wants to break this pattern, almost Impossible.

Gates said the catastrophe created by a small error is enormous in the software circle, and in the evening he'll still think about these things. Furthermore, with regard to work and balance, Gates ' point of perspective is that in the early phases, entrepreneurship needs to make some sacrifices since you need to demonstrate that your views are correct, you need to spare no effort.

Image Via CNBC

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