California Apple Watch Face In watchOS 6 Features Up To 5 Complications and Lots of Styles

Image via 9to5Mac 
In watchOS 6, we saw that the California Apple Watch faces introduced new sets of numerals, styles and a combination of Roman and Arabic numerals just like analog watches. This brings the style of the classic California dial from repurposed Rolexes in California with that watch face.

What brings us the many possibilities of customization of this particular watch face are the color options, typeface, round and full-screen dial shapes and the ability to add up to 5 complications. You can choose a myriad of colors from blue, black, white and off white. For the typeface, you can choose the traditional California dial, Arabic numerals, Hindi numerals, pills, Roman numerals, and regular numerals. Top and bottom sub-dial complications are available in the full-screen versions of the watch face, whilst the circular dial version has a design passed from the Infograph and Utility Watch faces.

This creates the modernism of the utility face when you use the California face in circular mode. Even 9to5Mac believed that it is the Utility face fit for a Series 4 because of its increased complication limit. All of the complications are mellowed down to a monotonous color scheme and placed in corners unlike the vibrant ones in the Infograph face.

To conclude, this watch face is only available for Apple Watch Series 4 models with watchOS 6. You can install the face by installing watchOS 6 beta on your Apple Watch Series 4, then choosing the California face from the Face Gallery.

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