Goldman Sachs Employees Testing And Loving Apple Card, According To CEO David Solomon

Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon stated at today's Recode Code Conference that staff of Goldman Sachs and Apple are testing Apple Cards before it will be launched this summer. Apple revealed the Apple Card at its March 25th event, where services such as Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and Apple News Magazine were also announced.

Apple Card physical card pictures were leaked last month, at least to demonstrate it is being tested by Apple employees. Now, Solomon also confirms that employees of Goldman Sachs are also experimenting, along with himself. David Solomon said he likes the simplicity of Apple Card and makes it easy to see his own usage.
“It’s in beta right now; there are some employees at Goldman Sachs and some employees of Apple that are using the card,” Solomon said. “I’m using the card, I like the way it works. I like the simplicity, the lack of friction when it comes to paying bills, looking at what you’ve spent, ease of use.”
The feedback from the early Apple Card test was positive. "Subsequently, David Solomon said that following its official release, Goldman Sachs and Apple think that consumers will certainly appreciate Apple Card.

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