iOS 13 Beta 1 Introduces Silence Unknown Numbers For iPhone

Photo via Macrumors
Do you dislike it when scam callers and random, foreign numbers call your iPhone? You can knock it off by iOS 13’s Silence Unknown Numbers feature. This setting can forward these scammers and unsolicited calls to voicemail and forbid your iPhone to ring. Here’s how to turn this feature on your iPhone.

First, your iPhone must be on iOS 13 beta, which requires an iPhone 6s or later. Then go to Settings > Phone. Tap on Call Blocking and Identification.

Next, switch on the Silence Unknown Calls setting on your iPhone. Your iPhone will only ring if a phone number is in your contacts list. All other numbers are going in the voicemail box and silenced by iOS.

In conclusion, this useful and safe feature prevents your iPhone from receiving unknown calls and pestering you with unsolicited phone calls. Although the feature doesn’t filter scammers and spoofers, it’s an ideal thing to stop them from calling you. If you still want calls from legitimate people that aren’t from your contact list, then you should use a call blocking app instead of this iOS 13 feature.

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