Latest Data Shows Apple Owns Half Of The True Wireless Hearables Market

Market research firm Counterpoint Research has published its latest true wireless hearables market report that offers a look at how the sector has grown in Q1 2019. And as expected, Apple continues to dominate the market, noted that Counterpoint did not share the exact data, but only provides a comparison of the market share of each brand, and noted that global true wireless hearables shipments amounted to 17.5 million in Q1 2019.

At present, Apple has already won half of the market share. Simply put, there are two products existed in the true wireless hearables market: AirPods and other brands.

Nevertheless, though, is that second-generation AirPods that's released in March have not helped the firm to boost its market share further. For AirPods 2, many individuals opt for the upcoming AirPods third generation, which rumors to include a new design, waterproof, and among other new features.

The Galaxy Buds model from Samsung has led the South Korea based tech giant over Jabra and ranked second in market share thanks to its release, and with market's favorable reactions and the impact of bundling with Galaxy S10 series are anticipated to keep this momentum for a while.

Via 9to5Mac

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