Some 2018 MacBook Air Models May Have Logic Board Issues

Image via Apple 
Apple sent an internal document to Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers about an unknown MacBook Air issue. The issue involves the failure of a logic board component, which affects a small amount of 2018 MacBook Air users. But in the document, it isn’t specified which part or component of the logic board is faulty or if it’s causing a particular issue in certain MacBook Air users.

Affected MacBook Air 2018 users should get an email from Apple regarding the problem, with instructions and information about the problem. The repair service for this hardware issue will be a replacement logic board, free of charge. All affected users should see an Apple Genius at their local Apple Store for this board replacement service.

Geniuses are also checking serial numbers of MacBook Air laptops for eligibility for the replacement service. Eligible serial numbers entered into Apple’s MobileGenius application will prompt the Genius to replace your logic board. This implies that if your serial number is eligible, then your MacBook Air can get a logic board replacement.

In terms of repair coverage pertaining to this MacBook issue, this repair program will last for 4 years from the MacBook’s original purchase date. If there’s any other physical damage to the MacBook Air but doesn’t inhibit the logic board, then your Genius will replace your logic board as long the damage doesn’t prevent the completion of the repair. On the other hand, if the damage interferes with the logic board replacement procedure, then you have to pay repair costs to fix the damage(s) before the logic board.

Although, Apple has not published the whole logic board repair program on their website because only a few 2018 MacBook Air users encountered the issue regarding the logic board. Apple has been recently introducing repair programs for Macs over the past month, which is the 2015 15” MacBook Pro batteries and 2016 13” MacBook Pro backlight service programs. This is also the first MacBook Air 2018 repair program by Apple.

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