The Changes to Location Services in iOS 13 Beta 1

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WWDC has concluded 2 days ago, but the fun of beta testing iOS 13 doesn’t end here. iOS 13 beta 1 introduces a renovation of the Location Services feature, consisting of how your apps use location data in the background.

First, the Location Services prompt presents a reason why the app wants your iOS device’s location. For example, the apps Tesla and Apple Store has these prompts about this updated feature. The Tesla app’s prompt said that,

Tesla uses your location to show your proximity to your vehicle (while the app is open), and to optimize phone key on your support vehicles (while the app is in the background).

And here is Apple Store’s explanation regarding this:
We’ll provide you with relevant products, features, and services depending on where you are.

Secondly, throughout iOS 13, you’ll receive periodic pop-ups with an option to continue using the location in the background, using the location only for one time use and Only While Using. In addition, the option to allow the app to use your iOS device’s location once is new to this change, as well as using the location constantly. But on the other hand, your iPhone will pester you with the same pop-up the next time you open the app, over and over again unless you change your location settings to Never, Only While Using or Always.

Thirdly, these pop-ups about location usage in apps will also show you a map, which lets you know that this app is actively using and tracking your location abroad.
All in all, these changes to Location Services in iOS 13 allows users to choose if they want the app to always use their location data while they use it, in the background, only once or none at all. Sooner later, developers will be able to obtain network information such as WiFi and Bluetooth from iPhones and iPads. This information will also be used to crack down an iOS device’s location as well.

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