2019 MacBook Air SSDs Are 35% Slower Than The Previous Generation

Apple introduced the new MacBook Air model last week, in which we saw the new ultra-thin laptop updated with an improved True Tone display and a drop in price, down from $1,999 to 1,099, a markdown of $100, as they also offer a student discount, with the price start as low as $999.

However, they didn’t update the CPUs at all, so you may wonder how they managed to offer it at a lower price point. Well, it turns out that they have put a slower SSD storage into the new model, according to French website Consomac.

After conducting a test, Consomac found that the 2019 MacBook Air has a read speed of 1.3GB/s as opposed to 2018 version’s 2GB/s read speed, that’s quite a drop in performance—it plunged around 35%, although, for the average user, such declines shouldn’t bother them too much.

In spite of that, the 2019 model did not disappoint when it comes to writing performance since it can attain 1GB/s compared to last year’s 0.9GB/s.

To conclude, the MacBook Air is a good buy for most entry-level users, especially for college students, it suitable for daily usage like check emails, FaceTime friends and family, browse the internet, watch videos online, and etc.

Image Via 9to5Mac

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