Apple Card Is Expected To Release Next Month

Image via Apple 
After many complaints about the Apple Card launched being postponed instead of being released in the iOS 12.4 public version, Bloomberg has released a report about the Apple Card official launch. Apple is going to release the credit card in early August, which is next month.

Bloomberg reports that Apple spoke with its partnering bank, Goldman Sachs back in May regarding the mistakes they had when the companies were developing the technology to power the credit card. The bank has been responsible for the infrastructure of the Apple Card, disputes over payment changes, transactions and information about credit card statements. This may be the Cupertino firm rivaling Goldman Sachs in spite of the concerns Apple brought up to them.

Many Apple and Goldman Sachs employees have been using Apple Card early of its release since summer has begun. They really love the titanium credit card and the revolutionized way to manage their expenses and transactions. This highlights the features of the activation process and cashback, which takes place in your iPhone’s Wallet app.  Daily Cash comes in 3% cashback for iTunes and Apple purchases, 2% on Apple Pay transactions and 1% for purchases made by the physical credit card. On the contrary, the signup process only takes a few minutes.  Open Wallet on your iPhone, tap on Apple Card and then follow the activation steps. Once your card gets mailed, you can activate it by holding your iPhone near it. All of the above are the reasons why the employees love Apple Card.

Summing it up, Apple will be releasing the Apple Card next month, which is early August. The projected date doesn’t seem to be delayed, because the company said that the US launch is in the summer. They also had a discussion with financial regulators to launch the Apple Card in Europe as well.

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