Apple Is Said To Release A Notch-Less iPhone In 2020

TF International analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted in his latest report that the iPhones be released in 2020 will sport a small front-facing camera to greatly improve the screen ratio, which means that next year's new iPhone, it is likely to abandon the Notch. At the same time, the new 2H20 iPhone rear camera may use a 7P lens.

Furthermore, Credit Suisse Securities Technology analysts pointed out that according to industry sources, Apple's iPhone display suppliers are actively developing a comprehensive screen without the notch.

Credit Suisse expects that in the second half of 2020, there will be at least one new iPhone to be notch-less, and will instead feature the under-screen front camera and full-screen fingerprint recognition technology.

By 2021, the new iPhone will officially ditch the notch altogether and fully transition to the under-screen front camera and full-screen Touch ID. Meanwhile, this year's iPhone models is expected to continue include the notch and Face ID with no design changes whatsoever. Apple introduced the first iPhone with the notch in 2017.

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