Apple Maps Cars Spotted In Ottawa, Canada, Suggests Look Around Coming To Canada By Late 2019

Image via Lightning News
Since May 27th, Apple Maps cars have been driving around Canada. They were capturing road details, landmarks and signage on the Canadian streets throughout the summer. This information about the maps was supposed to be published on WWDC last month, following the release of the first iOS 13 developer beta, according to the statement released by Apple. But the Apple Maps team wasn’t finished with Look Around maps data in Canada yet.

Apple news startup Lightning News recently received an internal memo that Apple Maps vehicles are driving around the city of Ottawa, Canada. It says that they are gathering street information to provide Look Around data in the city. The source also says that one of the drivers of the Apple Maps vehicles has been interviewed, although they can’t release any further information about Look Around in Canada, due to Apple’s confidentiality policy.

Summing it up, Apple should have the whole United States supported for Look Around by the end of 2019. It may also be the time of completion for this feature to appear in Canada as well, but we don’t know when the exact time it’ll come out. In addition, Look Around will also be in several European countries by 2020.

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