Apple Releases Fourth Public Beta Of iOS 13, tvOS 13, And Fifth Developer Beta Of watchOS 6

Apple has released the fourth public beta of iOS 13, iPadOS, tvOS 13, and fifth developer beta of watchOS 6 today. Once you have signed up for Apple's beta testing program, then install the proper certificate to download the beta update on your iPhone and iPod touch, iPadOS on your iPad. watchOS on the Watch app on your iPhone, and tvOS on your Apple TV.

The fifth developer beta of iOS 13 that was released yesterday should be corresponding to the fourth public beta, so everything new in developer beta 5 can also be found in public beta 4. Here's a list of features and changes so far discovered in beta 5:
  • You can adjust Home screen icon density on iPad: a  4×5 grid of apps, or a 6×5 grid of apps.
  • The share sheet has been redesigned again on iPadOS and iOS with groups app-specific actions
  • The 5Ge and 4G and LTE icon is now larger, matches the height of the status bar
  • Six new wallpaper added to the Home app
  • Volume HUD appears to be slimmer, also includes haptic feedback when adjusting
  • New wallpapers with a completely black background
  • Personal Hotspot  now located within Cellular settings
  • New Move Goals awards in the Activity app
Overall, iOS 13 is jet-packed with features: Dark Mode that darkens the entire interface,  new viewing sections on Days, Months, and Years, as well as the video editing option right in the Photos app for the first time, a new Find My app that lets you track your devices even without internet access, an overhauled Reminders app that's smarter than ever, a less obtrusive volume indicator, a privacy-oriented Signing with Apple feature to allow users securely sign into websites and apps, and so on.

tvOS 13, on the other hand, introduced support for Picture-in-Picture, so, for instance, you can check the weather while watch a movie at the same time. More importantly, it now have the Multi-user mode that each member of the family can have their own customized Apple TV experiences. Apple Arcade, Apple's game subscripation service, is coming to the Apple TV later this year thanks to tvOS 13.

Image Via PhoneArena

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