Apple Releases Second Public Beta Of iOS 13 And iPadOS

Apple has released the second public beta of iOS 13 and iPadOS today, which comes two weeks after it rolled out the first beta version. Once you have signed up for Apple's beta testing program, then install the proper certificate to download the iOS 13 update on your iPhone and iPod touch, and the iPadOS update on your iPad.

iOS 13 introduced a system-wide Dark Mode that makes the entire interface dark, although it's right now limited to only pre-installed apps, and you can toggle on Dark Mode in the Control Center. Another big highlight of iOS 13 is the Photos apps, in which Apple has added new Days, Months, and Years viewing section, as well as the ability to edit video right in the Photos app for the first time.

The operating system also includes a less obtrusive volume indicator as opposed to the one that takes up much of the screen space. There's also a new app called "Find My" that's designed to track your devices despite no internet or LTE connection, as it perhaps uses Bluetooth signal instead. The "Sign In with Apple", is Apple's response to Facebook and Google sign-in option, and make it even safer.

iOS 13 is also optimized to speed up app launches, apps will use less space, while Voice Control allows users to take full advantage of voice to control the device. Furthermore, Maps now has a Google Street View-like feature dubbed as "Look Around", and Reminders app got overhauled with smarter reminder lists.

Image Via TechRadar

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