Apple Rumors To Launch Speical iPhone Version For The Chinese Market: Low Price And In-Screen Touch ID

According to the source of the upstream industry chain, Apple may build a special version of the iPhone for the Chinese market in the future, in order to strengthen its competitiveness in the Chinese market, but also to win back some old customers. Currently, when this new machine will be launched is not evident, it may only be a preliminary plan, and this rumor should be treated with grant of salt.

As per the source, currently, Apple's user decline in the Chinese market is largely based in the 5,000 yuan ($728) and above segment, with more and more users, choose to buy Chinese local smartphone brands instead. These include brands such as Huawei, OPPO and Vivo.

It wasn't appealing to Chinese consumers when the iPhone Xs was first launched: larger screens, dual sims dual standby, and improved camera. These characteristics seem to underline that Chinese users are tailored to this phone. However, many prospective customers have been discouraged by the sky-high cost of 6000 to 10,000 yuan and it has become the largest gap between Apple and Chinese customers.

On the other side, the Chinese iPhone version appears to be the key to narrowing this gap: removing some "additional features" and concentrating on core appeals. Moreover, although FaceID is super easy to use, at least for now, most users in China do not have the habit of using facial recognition, some either prefer in-screen fingerprint recognition or rear fingerprint recognition as a mechanism of unlocking phones, so it is likely that the iPhone will sport in-screen Touch ID rather than Face ID.

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