Apple To Replace Butterfly Keyboard With Scissor Keyboard On Upcoming MacBook Models

Reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo broke the news today that Apple plans abandon the Butterfly Keyboard of MacBook. In the report, he predicted that the new MacBook in the second half of this year will eliminate the Butterfly Keyboard and switch to the newly designed Scissor Switch Keyboard.

In pursuit of a lighter and thinner design, Apple introduced the Butterfly Keyboard for the first time on the MacBook models released in 2015. After that, the Butterfly Keyboard replaced the traditional Scissor Keyboard, and it became popular on most MacBook models.

Although more room is saved by the Butterfly keyboard, and weights less. However, the shallower design of the Butterfly keyboard shortens the keystroke compared to the traditional Scissor keyboard, and the resilience is softer, affecting typing. At the same time, the MacBook with the Butterfly Keyboard is also facing a higher keyboard failure rate, and it is quite difficult to work due to the dust, paper scraps, and the like. In addition, the Butterfly Keyboard is also facing the challenge of low production yield and higher cost than the average laptop keyboard.

The effective implementation of the new Scissor Switch keyboard by Apple will provide longer keystrokes to enhance the typing experience while preserving a fiberglass-reinforced button framework. For the first time in the second half of this year, the upcoming MacBook Air model will be using such Keyboard design, while some new MacBook Pro models will use the new Scissor Keyboard in 2020,

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