Editorial: Why I Like iOS 13’s Text Editing Features

The new copy, paste, undo and redo gestures in iOS 13 beta is perfect for writers, like me. They make text changes in writing articles easier when writing on the go. Here are my thoughts on this useful feature.

To start it off, I always write on the go, so I use my iPhone 7 to write articles for my 4 media outlets. The large 4.7-inch screen, A10 Fusion chip and iOS 13 beta are the top 3 things I like about my iPhone. But the only concern is that I have to write all of my articles on the Notes app, then copy and paste it into every editor. I also have to end up reformatting the draft and proofread it before I publish it to the website. And this gives me an issue: If there’s a mistake I accidentally made on the editor while editing my article, then I have to end up shaking my iPhone and the magnifying glass sometimes doesn’t pop up.

Now iOS 13 makes text editing easier and faster for writers on the go. You can drag around the blue cursor instead of accidentally selecting a piece of text. This is great if you need to capitalize on the title of your article or fix up misspelled words. In addition, I really like the new text selection features because when it comes to copying and pasting down quotes from the article, I only have to press down on the screen and move my finger to the end of the quote. That’s perfect for copying large blocks of text!

Besides dragging your finger to copy an excerpt from an article or research paper, iOS 13 also has quick text selection in just a few taps. Double-tap on a word to select a word, triple-tap to select a sentence and quad-tap to select a paragraph, section or quote. This helps me save time and add more productivity to my writing.

All in all, iOS 13’s awesome text editing gestures and shortcuts make writing much easier and faster to iPhone and iPad users. They benefit productivity and save your time from all of the stressful editing. I hope you have a fun iOS 13 beta testing experience this summer!

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