iOS 13 Public Beta 5 Changes and Updates!

iOS 13 public beta 4 has been released since yesterday morning, with the equivalent build number of iOS 13 developer beta 5. This iOS beta update has all of the same features and changes implemented in the iOS 13 developer beta 5. Let’s break it down to the top three changes in this iOS beta.

Firstly, the new iOS 13 public beta 4 prompts users to setup Dark Mode based on the user’s preference. This is a new addition to the iPhone setup process, which gives you choices of setting up your iPhone to Dark or Light Mode. If you set this feature to automatically turn to Dark Mode at nighttime in earlier iOS 13 betas, then you have to reenable it after the setup assistant is done.

Next, many features were eliminated, from the FaceTime attention correction effects, Siri Shortcuts Automations and limitations to the Find My features. This means that you cannot use the “Notify When Found” feature properly. The missing features in iOS 13 beta 4 will come back in the fifth iOS 13 public beta.

Lastly, Safari has some new tweaks, such as opening up a new tab in 3D Touch on the iPhone and more ways to tell if you’re browsing in private mode. This consists of the menu icons appearing black instead of blue, on Light Mode.

These are the top 3 highlights of the release notes in the fourth iOS 13 public beta. You can update your iPhone to iOS 13 beta 4 by going to Software Update in Settings > General. If you haven’t installed the beta profile on your iPhone, head on to Enjoy your summer and have a great time beta testing iOS 13!

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