iPhone 6s and 7 Models Manufactured In India Is Now Exporting to European Countries

Image via Apple 
iPhones manufactured in India are now being exported to Europe. Three people who are analysts of Apple has come up with the manufacturer Wistron saying that they are exporting Indian-made iPhones to Europe. These iPhones include the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 models.

Now, the iPhones will be manufactured at Wistron’s factory in Bangalore, then exported to Europe. About 100,000 iPhone 6s and 7 devices are exported there, every month. The assembly facility has been manufacturing iPhones since the iPhone 6 in 2018.

Apple has been doing this process for a few months already, in order to boost sales in India instead of marketing. Foxconn will soon open factories in India in spite of manufacturing pricier iPhones, such as the iPhone XS and iPhone XR. 70-80% of these iPhones will be exported to other countries.

To conclude, Apple has been expanding production outside of China due to the trade war between the USA and China countries. The Cupertino company also had plans to open an Apple Store in Mumbai in the future.

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