iPhone User Loyalty Rate Dropped To Its Lowest Level In Eight Years

The latest BankMyCell study demonstrates that for the first time in eight years, iPhone user loyalty rate has dropped to its lowest level. BankMyCell is a smartphone trade-in service. A total of 38,000 iPhone customers have been selling their iPhones since October 2018, with just 73 percent upgrading to newer iPhone models.

Apple's brand loyalty reached 97 percent in 2017, and after selling their phones, 26 percent of former iPhone X consumers chose other smartphone products. 7.7% of former Samsung Galaxy S9 customers chose the iPhone, while 18% of former iPhone users chose Samsung phones. BankMyCell is just one of many smartphone trade-in services out three, but this time their pieces of information are essentially the same as other market research organizations.

With the small improvements being made to the iPhones in the past two years, the innovation is just not enough, and the price is reversed to a new high, such a situation is reasonable. Although the overall sales volume of the smartphone market in 2019 is still declining, the sales of Android phones have been relatively stable.

Editor's opinion: how to quickly find new directions and make bigger breakthroughs, instead of relying on the legacy left by Jobs and other companies, is a problem that Apple must face right now.

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