iPhones With 120Hz OLED Display Rumors To Be Launched In 2020

According to @UniverseIce, Apple is considering to add the 120Hz refresh rate display for the iPhones released in 2020. Apple is currently discussing with Samsung and LG. Ice Universelce have a poor track record when it comes to Apple-related rumors, but we can count on it for Samsung related topics.

Apple is considering a switchable 60Hz/120Hz refresh rate screen on the iPhone in 2020, and is discussing with Samsung and LG.
Currently, the iPad Pro uses ProMotion technology that has boosted the screen refresh rate to 120Hz instead of 60Hz, so it seems like that 2020 iPhones will use such technology. The iPad Pro, however, utilizes an LCD screen, while next year's iPhone lineup is anticipated to feature OLED displays, and Apple has not yet launched an OLED device 120Hz refresh rate screen.

At present, the rumor about the iPhone in 2020 is that Apple will introduce three models with screen sizes of 5.4 inches, 6.1 inches, and 6.7 inches, all of which are OLED screens. Furthermore, reports have suggested that Apple will introduce a smaller TrueDepth camera (notch) on the next year's iPhones, we also expecting it to include 5G capabilities, as well as ToF rear camera for advanced AR experience.

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