Israeli Security Company Claims To be Able To Access iCloud Data

The creation of a smartphone surveillance tool was announced by an Israeli security company, the NSO Group. Not only does this tool get local data from users, it also receives all data from cloud-based communication. Apple, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft may be breached by such techniques.

NSO Group's software is called Pegasus, which supports many of the recent iPhones and Android smartphones, and can even proceed to gain data after removing the tool from the initial devices. The technology of Pegasus can reproduce the license keys for Google Drive, Facebook Messenger and iCloud, enabling extra servers to emulate into formal servers and trick smartphones.

The principle is as it has been shown, the technology depends on a vulnerability gaining device root privileges. Once it begins stealing your cloud information, it is said that Apple along with other tech companies' cloud servers is unable to identify anomalies and warnings. Therefore, an attacker using Pegasus could access a large amount of private information, including users' complete location data, text messages, and so on.

Following the Financial Times report, Apple told the publication that such a tool could exist, but they don't believe these are useful for widespread attacks against the consumers. Consider that the technique already publicized, it's just a matter of time that tech companies to patch the spyware.

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