Kanex's iAdapt: An iPad Pro USB-C Hub That Offers A Totally Different Design

The 2018 iPad Pro released last year should be the first option if you want to choose the most appealing model from the iPad launched in the past: the improvements made to the form and efficiency is a breakthrough in the iPad lineup in many years. More essential and iconic is that the Lightning port gets replaced by the USB-C port, which also significantly increases the iPad Pro's scalability.

To fully unlock the potential of the USB-C port, a Docking Station is an essential accessory. Recently, Kanex launched the so-called Kanex iAdapt 6-in-1 Multiport USB Type-C Docking Station. Most of the USB-C Hub on the market looks pretty much the same: a USB Type-C cable followed by a multi-ports station, however, the iAdapt form factor is more suitable for the iPad Pro.

First, iAdapt is designed to "fit" the shape in the upper correct corner of the iPad Pro and communicate via a USB-C cable, unlike other docking stations. iAdapt can still be attached to the iPad Pro by means of a magnetic spacer with or without a cover, and if you use a cover, the spacer can be removed and the thickness of the iAdapt will just make it stuck on the cover instead.

Kanex iAdapt has a total of six ports, namely 3.5mm headphone jack, USB-C port, microSD card slot, SD card slot, 4K HDMI port, and a USB-A port. Although the number of ports is not so rich, it is "all in one" and should be able to meet the basic needs of most people.

You can get the accessory by going to B&H, which they listed it for $99.95, and it's still pre-order phrase,

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