Live Radio Station Streams Rolling Out For Some HomePod And iPhone Users

Last month, Apple introduced Live Radio, a feature that allows users to listen to live radio stations on HomePods and iPhones through iHeartRadio, TuneIn, and Although it's not coming till this fall, however, some have already found that rollout is already invoked for them, Macerkopf reported that many German stations are available to be played on HomePods and iPhones.

According to Apple, the global rollout of Live Radio will take place in the fall, when users will have around 100,000 radio stations to choose from. Noted that Live Radio requires you to have an internet connection, as it's internet radio streams rather than real terrestrial radio, meaning that it will consume some cellular data or WIFI.

To ask Siri for Live Radio, just simply say play BBC radio station, and then it will start to play for you. It's worth to note here that without keywords like ‘radio station’ in the phrases, Siri algorithm falls back to Apple Music searches, although Apple could solve that problem with the fall release. Also, the radio playback can be controlled inside the Music app, under the Recently Played section.

Editor's Notes: I have also tested the feature on my Apple devices, and was able to play stations from Arizona somehow?

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