PSA: iOS 13 Developer Beta 3/Public Beta 2 Has A Security Bug

Image via Apple 
There’s a privacy flaw in iOS 13 developer beta 4 that is hidden in Settings. This bug allows you to access your saved iCloud Keychain passwords and credit card information without using your iPhone passcode, Touch ID or Face ID to unlock it.

iOS jailbreak YouTuber iDeviceHelp published a video two days ago, showcasing a bug in the iOS beta software. He demonstrates that the bug is caused by going to the iPhone’s settings, then to the Passwords & Accounts section. The bug is caused by tapping on Website & App Passwords repeatedly, causing immediate access into your passwords. You can see the passwords by closing the authentication pop-up.

This bug is a privacy concern for iOS 13 beta testers because if someone gets ahold of your iPhone, then they will be able to hack through your bank accounts, websites, and apps. Apple has already been notified regarding this security issue and will be patching up the bug in iOS 13 developer beta 4 and its public beta equivalent, iOS 13 public beta 3.

In conclusion, the Cupertino firm always takes a big priority when it comes to privacy on the iPhone. They have responded to eavesdropping issues in Group FaceTime in January and Walkie-Talkie earlier this month. These issues can put an iPhone user in danger of their data. That’s why you should update your iOS devices to the latest version, so you can get the latest security patches and new features!

Update: The iOS 13 public beta 3 and iOS 13 developer beta 4 updates are released already this morning. Head to Settings, then to Software Update and update your iPhone!

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