Analyst Claims Apple Could Launch Foldable iPhone/iPad In 2021

UBS analysts said in an investor report today that Apple is researching associated technologies for folding devices. At the same time, the paper suggested that in 2021 Apple may launch a foldable device, with the likelihood of an iPad being to adopt the foldable screen first instead of an iPhone.

Samsung currently has a large number of technical patents for foldable screens and devices, but Apple is also said to be actively developing it. In spite of that, the company has a record of launching sophisticated products in the past: it could rather be the last than the first. Moreover, the fact that foldable design is still at its earliest stage—nothing but a flop right now, as we can draw a conclusion from Samsung’s long-delayed Galaxy Fold device.

Even Apple end up launch the foldable iPhone/iPad in 2021, UBS believes that the critical problem with people accepting foldable devices is the price, such as the Galaxy Fold, which sells for as much as $2,000. The iPhone XS Max, for instance, priced at $1,099 even without a foldable screen, can you imagine how much it would cost you to purchase a folding gadget made Apple.

Surveys have found that most customers are willing to pay $400-500 more for foldable machines, but more can be paid by Apple users. Apple has applied for a number of patents for folding devices, even though it may just showcase that Apple is interested in this area of study.

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