Aug 6, 2019

Apple Card Tibits: Exporting Data To Financial Apps Currently Not Supported, Offers Mastercard Benefits, And More

Starting today, customers participating in the Apple Card Preview will be able to sign up and apply for the Card, though Apple has not announced the number of users who are eligible for an Apple Card, the credit card will officially be available to the general public within the next two weeks or so. As part of the launch of the Apple Card, Apple shared 12 videos explaining how to set up and use an Apple Card on the iPhone.

With the Apple Card is being made available to some users, we have since been given some insight into the card:

  1. Apple said in a support document that it is not currently available to export data from the Apple Card, meaning export data from Apple Card to financial apps such as Mint is not possible. However, Apple is likely to add much capability in the future. As of now, data and transactions from the Apple Card can only be viewed and managed on the iPhone and iPad.
  2. TechCrunch's Matthew Panzarino said that the Apple Card is able to take advantage of benefits offered to Mastercard cardholders, such as fraud protection, identity theft protection, and travel discounts, golf offerings, free two-day shipping via a free ShopRunner membership.
  3. Apple Card includes an annual percentage rate (APR) between 12.99 percent and 23.99 percent based on credit score, and be sure to unfreeze your TransUnion credit before applying for an Apple Card.
  4. According to Apple Card Customer Agreement, jailbreaking your device may lead to no longer be eligible to access or manage your account. For further details on how Apple Card works, it's recommended that you should check the Goldman Sachs' Apple Card Customer Agreement.

Currently, Apple Card is limited to the United States, but you can use it everywhere in the world that accepts Mastercard purchases.

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